Product Review: Lass Naturals Foot Care Cream

I received this amazing product in my Glamego beauty subscription box earlier this month… and I must admit I had my apprehensions about this product in the beginning but I ended up a fan of it and have added it to my daily essentials!


Today this is a short review about a product I think most Indians would appreciate.

We, in India tend to wear a lot of open footwear and, more often than not, we end up spending a lot of time barefoot. The weather here too ain’t our friend and almost all of us, at some point of time, suffer from dry, cracked heels.

Along comes an essential product, a foot cream! and I know most of us tend to use a lot of home remedies for cracked heels, but let’s admit it, we rarely stick to them. What could be better than a foot cream that is all natural, hence following all the rules of our home remedies, that comes conveniently packaged in a pretty tube at an affordable cost!! All that we need and want!!

Something about the brand


Lass Naturals is a world class brand engaged in manufacturing & marketing natural products for hair, skin & body care. Ram Lal Inder Lal (P) Ltd., owners of the brand Lass, is a Delhi, India based company which was incorporated in the year 1975. Built on the science of Ayurveda formulas and developed with modern technology, this brand believes in providing natural alternatives to the various synthetic and chemical loaded cosmetics that have flooded the market in the recent past. All products are Parabens & SLS/SLES free. They have no artificial fragrance or petroleum derivatives and are created from a blend of rare Indian herbs and essential oils. The Lass range includes effective and high performance natural products for skin, hair, face and feet care.

The Product & My experience

Lass Naturals Foot Care Cream

Laden with natural herbs and extracts, this amazing foot cream is ideal to treat, repair & soothe cracked heels. It is also ideal as a daily moisturizer for your feet to keep them healthy and super soft. I received this at an ideal time. I spend a lot of time out on the terrace and so often forget to wear those much-needed slippers. Due to this and the weather too, I often end up with dry, cracked heels which tend to accumulate dirt and result in ugly, stained, darkened feet. Then begins the saga of soaking and scrubbing the feet regularly to bring back the smooth texture and get rid of all the dead skin. This magical cream took care of all that!

What I love most about this cream is that unlike other foot creams that tend to be extremely oily, this cream has a beautiful texture. It appears to be quite thick when squeezed from the tube but is extremely soft to the touch and spreads easily. It is completely absorbed by the skin in a few seconds and leaves behind no sticky residue. It has a beautiful subtle rose fragrance that lingers on leaving the feet smelling so fresh.



In a tube packaging with a flip top, this product is packaged to be very travel friendly. It is extremely convenient to carry around and comes in one size.

It is available in a 100gm tube and comes at a very affordable price of ₹135.



With amazing natural healing ingredients this cream, treats the skin naturally bringing it back to its original glory. Making this part of my daily ritual has ensured I can proudly carry off those flip flops through the summer flaunting my beautiful feet!



  • Extremely affordable at ₹135 for 100gms, especially since you need a pea size amount to spread across the feet.
  • Travel friendly, convenient packaging
  • An extremely soothing, subtle rose fragrance
  • Completely absorbs into the skin leaving no sticky residue


Only feel the packaging doesn’t do justice to the product. The label of the product could have a better finish.

I am absolutely loving this product. Have made it a part of my daily routine and unlike other foot creams, I don’t have to pull on socks to avoid staining the bed with my oily feet. The product absorbs completely and when I wake up I have soft smooth feet.

This is definitely a must have to all those with cracked heels and a highly recommended product for those who love pampering their feet.

You can buy it online at:

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