“The Spring Fling” April Fab Bag

Spring certainly raced past all of us here in India cause the Summer heat has quite set in! But nobody is missing the opportunity of celebrating the spring time.

“The Spring Fling” April Fab Bag is a reminder of that. Bright and floral in a range of colours this month’s bag has a glossy finish and is covered with flowers in full bloom. The range of products too are perfect for the weather and am sure are greatly appreciated by all their subscribers.


The products I got this month are:

  • SUGAR As Nude As It Gets SPF 15 Compact
  • SaND for Soapaholics Heavenly Dew Bathing Soap
  • Ayorma Radiance Glow Deep Exfoliator
  • Hedonista Fresh Face Scrub



  • SUGAR As Nude As It Gets SPF 15 Compact


Since the compact has a range of shades, Fab Bag sent a mailer for us to choose the shade of choice. This range has 3 shades and considering my skin tone I picked the darkest of the 3 (03 Macchiato). Fortunately for me, this is an exact match and I am soooo happy for that. Usually compacts in India are always in lighter tones and it is so difficult to get one that matches your skin, especially for those with deeper skin tones. Considering that I am still very average for the Indian skin tone, this launch will definitely be a let down for those with darker shades than me as they won’t have a match. Hopefully Sugar will launch a larger range variety soon!

This compact has been thoughtfully designed. The outer packaging is the usual abstract SUGAR design, which I so love!. The compact itself, has a sturdy Matte Black packaging, with an inbuilt mirror, (Wow, that’s a major plus!) and a sponge too. The lid has a click closure so it is quite travel friendly. The product gives a sheer coverage with a matte finish and is perfect for this weather. With this heat & humidity, anything more than a compact is impossible to carry off, so this will be ideal. The greatest plus point is that it has SPF too. It is just SPF15 but ideal enough for the indoors. IT also has UVA & UVB protection so yeeaaahhh!! Look forward to using this daily!!

Price : ₹699 for 9 gm

  • SaND for Soapaholics Heavenly Dew Bathing Soap

This beautiful bathing bar is so mesmerizing I don’t even want to use it! With a bright blue-green colour and decorated with white blocks inside, this looks like a piece of art. It is beautiful!

The variant I received is the Coconut one.

SaND Soaps are known for their natural ingredients and beauty, and with this bathing bar I forget the fact that I prefer shower gels and get back to soaps. The Coconut is super cooling in this weather and will give that pop of freshness so needed. The fragrance reminds you of coconut water and coconut oil at the same time, crazy I know!

Price : ₹275 for 100gm

  • Ayorma Radiance Glow Deep Exfoliator


Ayorma products are based on Aromatherapy and Ayurveda and are gaining popularity as an excellent skin care brand. This product is part of the Radiance Glow Kit which is part of their Salon Care treatments, a facial kit. It is the scrub used after the cleansing gel. We received a small sample tub but I have high expectations of this since the kit, as a whole, has been raved about by many.

The scrub contains Corn grits which acts as a scrubber washing dead skin cells away, Grape Seed Oil which aids in skin regeneration, Saffron Oil which lightens the skin and gives it a healthy and natural glow & Turmeric Oil which helps inhibit melanin production and has anti-bacterial properties.

Looks promising and I can’t wait to try this out.

Price : ₹499 for 100gm, 10gm sample received.

  • Hedonista Fresh Face Scrub


This being the second scrub in the same bag, I wasn’t too excited to receive this…. Until I opened the tub. OMG, this scrub smells sooo amazing!!. Desiccated coconut and strawberry seeds are the prime ingredients and they have the most yummy fragrance possible. This product is visibly so natural as you can see the seeds and bits of coconut inside this gel like consistency face scrub. The coconut helps exfoliating, the strawberry seeds help detox and brighten the skin.

Yes, this is the second scrub in the bag, but I don’t think after taking one whiff of this scrub anyone would be complaining!!

Price : ₹1045 for 105gm, 25ml sample received.


What can I say, I absolutely love this month’s Fab Bag. The Star product, the SUGAR compact is a perfect match for me and I am super excited to use it. Would have bought it anyway, and that itself covers the cost of the bag so everything else is a bonus… and none of them let down either. Ya, 2 samples out of four products aren’t ideal but considering the quality of the products I certainly ain’t complaining!

Let me know in the comments if anyone would want a review on any of the products specifically.

Happy Easter Everybody…

Don’t forget to follow my blog for many more such reviews, bye till next time.

Psst…. just a heads up… There is going to be a giveaway coming up on my blog soon, hope to see you participating!!



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