Glamego April 2017 – The Affordable Beauty Subscription Box

I was super excited to see what miracle Glamego would come up with this month. It’s just so unbelievable to receive such amazing products at a subscription so low!!


& so it arrived, at the beginning of the month a neatly packaged brown box with the magical words “Glamego”

I opened it with complete curiosity because I was sure they couldn’t beat last month and thought to myself that the launch box had to be the best to pull customers, and I silently told myself not to have high expectations of the products. But was I surprised!!!

Perfectly packaged in bubble wrap were a bunch of amazing products, topped up with a vibrant card welcoming the spring!


I am so amazed that not only do they surprise me with the quality brands they send, but they clearly focus on more natural, herbal and ayurvedic brands which are so good for you!

What all I received this month:

  1. Natural Bath & Body Mist
  2. IHT9 Shampoo
  3. IHT9 Conditioner
  4. Inveda Body Butter Cream (OR Inveda D Tan Scrub)


Now for a little about each product:

Natural Bath & Body Mist


A large bottle of one of the most refreshing mists was the first thing to catch my eye. I already own a bottle of this mist but knowing that it is so amazing, I really didn’t feel the disappointment in receiving it again.

This amazing mist leaves a fresh, awakening yet peaceful and alluring scent. It reminds you of the ocean and the beauty of it. And being curated by a brand like Natural Bath & Body, it is just so pure!!

Price: ₹325 for 200ml

IHT9 Shampoo & IHT9 Conditioner

“I like my hair clean & healthy” is the tag line of the shampoo & “I like my hair easy & silky” is that of the conditioner. An Ayurvedic approach inspired line of products, IHT9 is relatively new in the market and has complete focus on Herbal Hair loss therapy. Their products are currently limited to the shampoo, conditioner, a hair oil & comb, with the entire line dedicated to prevent / cure hair loss. Based on Ayurveda and focused on providing affordable solutions to all, this brand has extremely high potential.

Price: ₹65 for 50ml shampoo & ₹55 for 50ml conditioner.

Inveda Body Butter Cream

This magical little tub was just the icing on the cake for this box. I absolutely love Inveda products and when I saw the card, I was hoping to get the body butter cream. What I love most is that they were so particular to state exactly what the product is.. a body butter cream! It has the consistency of a cream, smooth and silky and has the moisturizing effect of a rich body butter. It certainly is rich but doesn’t weigh down the skin at all. I magically hydrates the skin and leaves behind no greasy finish, which in my opinion is the sign of an amazing body butter cream!! Couldn’t wait and already started using this magical potion.

Price: ₹165 for 50ml


No endorsements but this is a brand I am glad to promote. I think an affordable amazing beauty box is just what India needed. Check out one for you or a loved one at

Let me know in the comments if anyone would want a review on any of the products specifically. Don’t forget to follow my blog for many more such reviews, bye till next time.

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