The Go Get It, Girl! March 2017 Fab Bag

The much awaited “Go Get It, Girl!” March Fab Bag finally arrived and has left me swooning over the beautiful bag.

A matte pink, grid work designed, wristlet pouch…. so so so beautiful!! It’s the kinda bag you would want to carry around, match your lipstick and nails with and show off to the world. Absolutely love it!
This month, my subscription was up for renewal so placed my order the first week of March and I just received the bag last week. The delay was disappointing but the bag and products more than made up for the wait. I have to say that the Fab Bag is really upping their game, i guess with all the competition in the market now they have to!

The products I received in this months bag are:

⦁ Seduction Las Vegas Lipstick – 06 – Nude Love
⦁ Sugar Tip Tac Toe Nail Lacquer – 002 Goodness Gray-cious
⦁ Kronokare Flower Power – Face Toner
⦁ Charak Moha Herbal Shower Gel
⦁ Ayorma SPF 40 Sun Block
⦁ Be A Bombshell Lip Stain – Fling


Lets look at short reviews on each of them:

Seduction Las Vegas Lipstick – 06 – Nude Love


Very often Fab Bag gives its subscribers the choice of choosing one product, generally a lipstick or something with shade variants, and this month the choice was for the Seduction Las Vegas Lipsticks. There were a variety of shades available and since I had to renew my subscription, I didn’t get first pick from the shades.
When I renewed and received my email for shade choice, there were a few shades available and I was extremely glad that 06 Nude Love was one of them. The other shades were all in the reds, pinks or wine family and I am honestly quite tired of receiving these shades as I very rarely reach out to them. Usually end up giving them away. When I tried to select the shade of my choice (Nude Love) unfortunately the site wasn’t giving me the option. My guess is that before I made my choice, it dropped out of stock. Sadly I had to choose another shade but decided to try my luck and write to the customer service team to see if anything can be done. The team, in all honesty replied to me stating that they will pass the request to the relevant team but can’t guarantee the change. Still half-heartedly satisfied with the second choice, I forgot about my request until I received the bag.
Love the Fab Bag customer service team!! They passed on my request and ensured I got the product I wanted. That’s just awesome Customer Service!!! So a big Thank you shout out to them!!

The lipstick is so pretty. A pink toned nude, this lipstick comes in a matte black bullet with a click top. The lipstick itself is extremely creamy and hydrating, with a semi matte finish and a slight sheen. It isn’t too long lasting and does smudge off easily but doesn’t dry the lips so is relatively easy to top up.

The product is priced at ₹180 for a bullet.

Sugar Tip Tac Toe Nail Lacquer – 002 Goodness Gray-cious

While some people are complaining about receiving Sugar products in every Fab Bag, I am amongst those who are happy about the same. Sugar cosmetics have some amazing products and as they expand their range, they are only getting better.

This month we received the Sugar Tip Tac Toe Nail Lacquer and I couldn’t be happier. Honestly I was super excited about the packaging. Though the bottle has a standard look, the outer packaging is super impressive. Love it!

I received the shade Goodness Gray-cious, a beautiful metallic gray color. So perfect for that stand out look!! Absolutely my style. And the biggest pro about the the Sugar Nail Lacquers are their brushes. Their nail lacquer have these broad flat brushes, that makes application so easy and helps get that beautiful professional finish!

The product is priced at ₹199 for 10ml.

Kronokare Flower Power – Face Toner


I have used this product in the past and just loved it. A spritz of it, post cleansing your face, works like magic. It is also amazing when you just want that quick pick me up or even that occasional fresh burst midst your day like a face mist. Even my daughter is a big fan of this. (The negative to that is that my bottle gets over super fast and I have to keep restocking.)

This bottle is packed with floral goodness. It is a mix of 3 pure distilled floral waters. It has the beautiful fragrance and purifying quality of lavender to relieve your stress and the healing properties of Neroli & Ylang Ylang to give you that additional burst of energy.

The product is priced at ₹295 for 100ml. I received a 55ml bottle at ₹195.

Charak Moha Herbal Shower Gel

This is a new brand addition to the Fab Bag family and it is great to see that fab bag too is diverging towards herbal and natural products and brands.

This shower gel certainly looks very promising. With a beautiful, herbal fragrance, this shower gel is infused with amazing natural ingredients. Aloe to detoxify your skin, Neem & Tea Tree to reduce blackheads and pimples with their anti-fungal and anti-septic properties and Orange peel for a dose of Vitamin C to make the skin smooth and supple.

My only complaint, the sample size should have been a bit bigger considering it is a body wash and this really won’t last too many washes.

The product is priced at ₹105 for 100ml, I received a 30 ml sample.

Ayorma SPF 40 Sun Block


Another wonderful brand, combining the goodness of Aromatherapy and Ayurveda and providing superior quality products that focus on the holistic nourishment and rejuvenation of the skin.

Ayorma sun block comes in a creamy formula that spreads easily and is instantly absorbed into the skin, without leaving behind the greasy finish most sunblocks are infamous for. This beauty product not only provides protection from the Sun’s harmful UVB & UVA rays, but also claims to assist in minimizing imperfections, reduce melanin production and help in maintaining that flawless complexion.

Definitely going to try this one out and am quite likely to repurchase if it delivers its claims!

The product is priced at ₹349 for 50ml, I received a 10g sample.

Be A Bombshell Lip Stain – Fling


This is my second lip stain from Be A Bombshell, the previous also from Fab Bag, and I got to be honest, I really haven’t used it too often. There are two reasons to that, the prime being the range of shades they have available. All the available shades are in the bright red or pink category and I just can’t bring myself to wearing such bright colors too often.
Secondly these lip stains have a very strong chemical scent, more like that of a permanent marker, and that lingers for a while after application.

On the positive side, I must say, that they are some of the longest lasting lip stains I have personally used but the formula is extremely drying on the lips.

This can be best used under a regular lip stick or lip creme to ensure the color lasts the whole day, but one must make sure the lips are amply moisturized before application.

The product comes in a pen form and is to be stored upside down to ensure the color flows smoothly, just like a marker. The shade I received is a reddish pink and is absolutely smudge proof once it dries down. It has a nice matte finish and stays put all day long.

The product is priced at ₹750 for 3.2gm of product.


This month’s bag is power packed with awesome products and I am personally quite happy with it.
3 sample and 3 full size products!

Personally I would have preferred getting more full size products from skin care & natural brands like Kronokare & Ayorma, rather than only full size cosmetics.

I would have definitely liked some other product in place of the Be a Bombshell Lip Stain, one because we already received a lip product (Seduction Las Vegas Lipstick) and secondly value-wise I definitely would have preferred another high end product in its place, but I guess many would appreciate the lip stain too.

Once again, Fab Bag has hit the target and curated a beautiful collection of products and the bag itself, wristlet and all, is absolutely Gorgeous!! A recommended buy…

Please check out the link below for awesome offers on their long term subscriptions:

Let me know in the comments if any one would want a detailed review on any of the products. Don’t forget to follow me on my blog and other social media, bye till next time!


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