Stacks And Racks


This place is truly for all those foodies out there… and let me add it’s a special treat for all those meat lovers.

Located on the Link Road, this quaint little eatery is located just across the Toyota showroom in Malad and can be easily passed by amongst the several small shops. But once you visit there, I am sure you would keep it in mind.

The place, as the name suggests, serves American food like steaks, burgers & sandwiches and primarily meant for non-vegetarians, though the menu does have a selection for those vegetarian.

It’s a tiny sit down and considering the location, the clientele would primarily be BPO employees, so it is conceptualized for that quick bite and high turnover.

With indoor and outdoor seating it would accommodate not more than 50 in totality, in quite a cramped situation, and I would say that was abit of a let down. The cramped seating arrangement didn’t do justice to the kinda menu it serves.

Let’s start with the positives:

Friendly staff and a great menu which stands out as there aren’t very many restaurants in the area serving that kinda cuisine or that quality of food.

Everything is very reasonably priced with commendable portion sizes, perfect to cater to the clientele this sorta place would attract.

Serves pork which is a huge plus point especially for the catholic crowd from Orlem.

Good variety of burgers and sandwiches, served with delicious fries and coleslaw.

Too cute place-mats with X & O to while the time till your food comes.


Must trys:

The Barbeque Pork Ribs:

Amazingly cooked, fall off the bone, pork ribs in a caramelized barbeque sauce served with a small side of coleslaw and fries.


Chicken Caeser Salad:

A generous portion of fresh lettuce salad and succulent chicken tossed in Caesar dressing topped with parmesan cheese.

Tenderloin Steak:

A nice thick, medium done steak, topped with a rich mushroom bordelaise sauce and bacon rashers served with amazing mashed potatoes and a side of tossed veggies.


There were a few let downs:

The seating is way too cramped, maybe ok for the workday quick lunch but not for the weekend family meal.

The food comprises of a lot of ready made bottled sauces so a lot of preservatives.

Limited drinks options and the Ice Tea served is a bottled version.


Overall a great eating option this side of Mumbai, with a very affordable pinch to the pocket.

Highly recommended to those meat lovers out there.

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