Monthly Subscription Box Review – Think Frill

What better way to start a blog than with my review on a subscription box, that totally impressed me.

I guess this one is gonna be a read for all the girls out there, but the guys are welcome to take the idea of gifting this to all the lovely women in your lives.

While browsing around I stumbled across a relatively new subscription service, The Think Frill – La CofferLa Coffer simply means the strongbox or a chest to hold valuables, which is so true for this pampering subscription box.


A monthly subscription box focused on providing the comfort and luxury us women so desperately require during those few stressful days of the month. The period ox concept is soon becoming more popular in India, but don’t think it has got the popularity it so deserves.

Women go through alot during those few days on our menstrual cycle every month, and these period subscription boxes aim in making those days a little better. They typically provide the required sanitary supplies along with some extras to pamper ourselves and make those days a little more bearable.

The Think Frill box has really impressed me with their selection of products at prices which are beyond belief.

They have a selection of 3 boxes – The Duchess, The Princess & The Queen Box. The prices and products vary across the 3 the Queen Coffer being the most extravagant.


All 3 boxes provide a choice of the sanitary supplies, brand and quantity which can be customized to your requirement, which I feel is awesome because something so intimate requires that level of comfort to ensure the product suits them and the quantity requirements may vary too.

They provide a choice between light (10), medium (15) or heavy (20) and a choice of sanitary pads, tampons and panty liners across various brands. This choice can be a particular brand/product or a mix and can be changed as required. The subscription is available for a month, 3 months or 6 months.

They also give you the choice of when you want to receive the box, by the 10th, by the 20th or by the 30th of the month, so you can customize it to arrive just before your date!

I subscribed for the Duchess Coffer and am so impressed with it.

Received the parcel on the 3rd, perfectly on time as requested before the 10th, and was happy to see a bright pink polka dot box.


The contents were secured with a paper wrapping and a small blue sticker stating “Duchess Coffer”.


Inside the box was an information card, providing details on all the products inside besides the sanitary products.

Below are the products i received and my initial opinion on them:

1. Avon Simple Delicate Feminine Wash


This is a new product for me but have been meaning to try out an intimate wash since a while now. This PH balanced, soap and fragrance free feminine wash is specifically formulated to provide the apt moisturization and hygiene level required for your intimate areas. It contains White Oak Bark Extract which helps in calming the skin and providing a soothing effect to help reduce any discomfort. Its gynecologically tested and can be used daily, even on sensitive skin.

Price – ₹199 for 100ml

2. Pee Safe Wet Wipes


These wet wipes are a little different from your usual wet wipes as not only can they be used to sanitize various surfaces, but they are specially formulated to ensure they can be used on the skin as well, even in those intimate areas, and they would maintain the PH balance required.

Price – ₹60 for 10 wipes

3. Just Herbs Lively Clean Honey Exfoliating Face Cleansing Gel


Just Herbs, as a brand, is one of the better Ayurvedic brands in India with herbal products that are sulphate & paraben free. Have tried many of their products and always happy with the results. This Cleansing gel is specially formulated for oily to combination skin and contains ingredients like Tulsi, Neem, Orange peel and honey which all help to combat acne and help keep oily skin in check. A 35ml sample was received, which I believe will last quite a few washes considering you only need a bit for each wash.

Price – ₹130 for 35ml

4. Garnier Ultra Blends Anti Hairfall Shampoo – Royal Jelly & Lavender


Another product infused with Natural extracts and paraben free, this shampoo is specially formulated for hair prone to fall and breakage. A blend of Lavender Essence and Royal Jelly, this shampoo is rich in amino acids, vitamins and lipids all contributing to stronger healthier hair.

Price – ₹55 for 75ml

5. Hershey’s Flavoured Syrup


Who doesn’t love the delicious Hershey’s Syrups?? Definitely something to lift the mood during those lull days. The only disappointment here was that the leaflet stated 2 sachets were included but my box had only one! L Was supposed to get the chocolate and strawberry variety, only received the strawberry.

Price – ₹10 for one sachet of 28gms

6. Everteen Intimate wipes (x2)


Very similar to the Pee Safe wipes, received 2 single wipe sachets from Everteen. These are extremely travel friendly and provide adequate hygiene when required. Alcohol & paraben free, anti-bacterial and hypoallergic with natural extracts these wipes help prevent infections and helps one feel clean and fresh on the move.

Price – ₹12 for each individually packed wipe

7. Avon Naturals Lip Balm – Cherry


This lip balm is super moisturizing and has the most amazing fruity fragrance. Though I personally feel it’s a little too tinted for a lip balm, it does feel awesome on the lips, leaving them smooth and supple. This is so perfect for the upcoming winters and am sure this is gonna become a staple for me.

Price – ₹199 for 4.5gm

8. Gratia Soap Bar – Lavender


This 100% natural hand-made glycerine bathing bar has stolen my heart with its fragrance. The ever-so-lightly opaque soap has the relaxing scent of lavender which lingers on ever so beautifully. I am in love!!

Price – ₹95 for 125gm

9. Typhoo Tea Sachets


Received 3 sample sachets of Green Tea bags – 2 in Jasmine and 1 in Moroccan Mint variant. Green Tea is always recommended during those days because it helps your body relax and helps keep those menstrual cramps away, and of course green tea brings in the anti-oxidants to keep your skin glowing.

Price – ₹160 for a pack of 25 sachets

So these were all the products received besides my choice of 10 sanitary pads (I chose the light variant) and I have fallen in love with this subscription service. I couldn’t believe that one can get so much more from a monthly ordeal I have had for so many years.

The subscription cost comprises of two parts-

1. Your sanitary supplies –

A choice of Pads, Pantyliners & Tampons from Stayfree, Whisper, Carefree, o.b. and Sofy.

The variants are as follows:

  • Light – 10 nos – Price – ₹99
  • Medium – 15 nos – Price – ₹149
  • Heavy – 20 nos – Price – ₹199

2. The choice of box –

The variants are as follows:

  • Duchess Coffer – Price – ₹200
  • Princess Coffer – Price – ₹350
  • Queen Coffer Price – ₹650
  • Just the basics Shipping Price – ₹80

Currently Think Frill has a 50% off on their Duchess & Princess monthly boxes and you can use the codes below depending on the box you wish to chose:



I highly recommend this subscription for yourself or as a gift to any woman in your life, I can assure you it will highly appreciated!! So click on the link below:

Hope this review was helpful to you.

All opinions shared on this post are my personal views on this product. This is not a paid review and have just expressed my honest opinion on a subscription service I purchased and think has lived upto the mark!

Please don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for more such reviews on various products, places and experiences. Thank you and speak to you again soon.

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